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Trickster's Gambit


A modern trick-taking card game.

Open white box with card suit symbols
How to Play
Red playing card with club symbol

Bid Strategically - Analyze your hand and predict the number of tricks you will win each round. The object of the game is to fulfill your bid exactly each round. 

Green playing card with spade symbol

Follow Suit - You must play a card of the same suit as the card that started the round. If you don't have a card of that suit, you can play any other card.

Yellow playing card with heart symbol

Take Tricks or Leave 'em - Play your cards right and win the exact number of tricks you bid by playing the highest value card in that round. Hearts are always trump. 

Blue playing card with diamond symbol

Lowest Score Wins - Fulfill your bid exactly and walk away with zero points each round. Each hand under or over your bid will result in points added to your score. 

Illustration of people playing a game

Join us at Gen Con

We're unveiling Trickster's Gambit at Gen Con Indy 2023, August 3 - 6!


Come playtest the game, provide your feedback, and be the first to get a copy when it's released.


Let us know you'll be there.

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